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Intro to Robotics

Ages 5-8

Intro to Robotics

Ages 9-11




Aug. 7-10, 2017

By age 6, kids already are forming their opinions on gender roles and computer science. (article)  Why not help our children be confident in their own abilities, regardless of gender? If Computer Science isn't part of your school's curriculum, it's up to the parents to fill this need.  We offer Lego Mindstorms training for ages 5-8, it's basic computer science all mixed up with fun.

In 3rd-5th grade kids have become good end users of technology but don't yet know why or how their devices work. This session builds on the kids' knowledge of multiplication and fractions, as well as their spatial reasoning, to help them build something that moves by coding in the EV-3 programming language.  By the end of the session, they will have built a robot that can complete a simple task with a program they write.

Team Bumblebee started in 2015 as an experiment in our basement. A few like-minded dads bought the Mindstorms kit and FLL obstacle course with no intent of competing. When tournament time came, the kids thought it would be fun to attend to see what everyone else did, and ended up winning a Champion's Award! After the thrill of a trophy, there was no going back.

Click HERE for information on STEAM Camp at Robots on Roscoe! For girls entering 1st-3rd grade (exceptions can be made for siblings).  One week of summer fun that offers early robotics instruction intertwined with unconventional art.