FIRST announces the annual theme and teams get their first look at the new obstacle course.  Kids are excited to assemble the Lego obstacles and imagine how they might score points with their robot.

As the Robot Design process begins, team members share ideas on how they could make the robot go faster


A Year in the Life of an FLL Team


The two big areas of Robot Design and Research Project are in full swing. The team meets twice a week. Members often need to work on smaller tasks in between, to bring to the next group meeting.

It's tournament time!  The kids attend a regional tournament in early December to showcase their hard work and see other teams.  If the team receives a Top 3 Champion's Award, they advance to the State competition in January.


If the team advances to post-season competition at State or World, there is always some fine tuning to be done - things the kids wished they had done differently or ideas they get from other teams.