Our Story

Robots on Roscoe is a 501(c)3 that started with three little girls and a dad who's an engineer.  The little girls grew to be bigger girls, each day smarter and more beautiful. They realized that modern educational needs are much different than they were thirty-plus years ago, but most schools' curricula have not been sufficiently updated given the changing workplace. While kids memorize endless details and facts for school, they somehow end up unqualified for most jobs that offer a very comfortable lifestyle, but go unfilled due to a lack of qualified applicants

We believe all kids should have a chance at these jobs and careers, so we launched this initiative to fill in the gaps in the modern school curriculum.  When computer science is presented in the right way, it is well within the grasp of every girl and boy.  Many of them will discover talent they didn't know they had and confidence to carry with them in the future. We hope they will have more career options ahead of them with the knowledge they gain.